Bennett Hirschhorn, Composer & Producer

    Bennett Hirschhorn is a composer and producer with over twenty years of experience.

    He creates upbeat, dynamic works that fuse together analog and electronic elements. His works have been published on iTunes under the name Sci-Fi Lovestory, and have been recently featured on HGTV and other cable television networks.

    Commercial work

    I. Fixer Upper Holiday

    A. Audio (60 second)
    B. Video

    II. Love HGTV

    A. Audio (90 second)

    1. Love HGTV Fall 2015 – All worked out
    2. Love HGTV Fall 2015 (remix) Video 60 second

    Indie Releases:

    Sci-Fi Lovestory

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    Electrocutie Twitter
    Sci-Fi Lovesetory FB

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